Saturday, December 3, 2011

We leave today on our "Househunter's International" trip! For the past few weeks I have been packing a duffel bag full of items that we may need right away when we find our new home: bath and kitchen towels, kitchen utensils, household tools, over the counter medications, etc. I weighed the bag last night-49.5 pounds; the airlines allow for 50 pounds-we'll see if it makes it through. My other suitcase is full of warm clothes and boots and is also very heavy.  It is now an hour before we have to leave. We weighed all four suitcases and ended up having to shift some items around. While going through the duffel bag my husband noted that we probably won't need the hammer and the kitchen whisk I had packed-so out they went! We've got each bag packed to the max.

The weather reports for the Amsterdam area predict rain for the next ten days, which is normal for that part of the world.

Monday morning I have an appointment with a realtor in Amsterdam who will drive me around to a bunch of different areas to see homes. We will be looking for a place with at least two bedrooms (one for guests!), and a garden for our dog.

So, off we go on our new adventure!  I will keep you posted on our progress.