Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring in Paris!

*********more to follow********

The 'kids' come to visit!

Kris and Tracy decided to go shopping in town while Andrew and I went to the airport to pick up Christopher, Denise and Arianna!

 Yippee, they're here!
 We decided to take it a little easy their first day here.....we walked around Haarlem and showed them around...

 Went home....I made dinner while Grandpa and Arianna watered the flowers!

 After dinner, we went out for some gelato!

 walked through a hofje:
 That night everyone crashed pretty early!
 Full house......Christopher, Denise and Arianna slept on air mattresses for a few nights!

Sunday, March 30th
KEUKENHOF today! We caught the bus around the corner from the house....

Keukenhof was a full day.....the weather was perfect and we all had a great time!

Monday, March 31st
Amsterdam today!

 While Kris, Tracy, Christopher and Denise went to the Rijksmuseum....
 Arianna and I went the Vondelpark!

For lunch...we went to the Hard Rock Cafe!

 After lunch we walked around a bit....

 Then Christopher and Denise wanted to go to the Anne Frank house. We had gone by earlier in the day and the line was at least 1.5 hours it was just a few minutes to get in!
 While they were inside, Kris, Tracy, Arianna and I went to the Cheese Museum...
 then went to a little restaurant along the canal and had something to drink....
Where's Douglas?!?

I took them all to the flower market area:

 Then we went to Dam Square:

 Into Bijenkorf where we found a Mac store!

 Then we started walking back to Centraal Station:
 stopped at a souvenir shop on the way:

 When we got back to Haarlem, we got "Doner" wraps to bring home for dinner!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zaanse Schans:

 We learned how chocolate is made...

 We went to the wood mill:

Then we went through the paint mill:

 We saw a demonstration on how clogs are made:

 We stopped for lunch at D'Vijf Broers in town....
 then headed home!
That evening we went for a walk around town after Andrew got home from work...

 We decided to have dinner at Woodstone pizza.....right next to the Jopen Kerk:

 Arianna was so happy she was allowed to walk Sammy all by herself!
 More gelato at Garrone's!
Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Kris and Tracy head back to Minnesota in the afternoon. We headed out to see a little more of Haarlem.....
We stopped and had some kibbeling!

 Went home and got ready to head to the hotel. Arianna has been watching the movie "Frozen" over and over. One of the characters in the movie eats carrots (with the leaves still attached)...soooo we got her some and she had a snack!
 Heading out!
 at the airport:
 Checking their luggage...

 Off they went....and Christopher, Denise, Arianna and I headed back to Haarlem on the bus:
 Arianna drew a picture of her family: Mommy, Daddy, Arianna, Lokey and Chimmey!

That night, relaxing at home:
Thursday, April 3rd
We stayed in Haarlem, since we were leaving for Paris the following day. Andrew went to work in the morning and the rest of us headed to De Baron for breakfast.

 We went to Marqt for a few groceries:
 and some fresh squeezed orange juice!

 saw a Dutch SUV!

 Then went inside St. Bavo's church:

 we lit candles and said a prayer...

That afternoon, Andrew came home from work early so we could take Sammy to the kennel. Arianna came with us....and Christopher and Denise took our bikes around town while we were gone! Andrew's bike had a flat, so Christopher took it down the street where they repaired it and off they went...
Sammy was soooo sad to be going to the kennel. Normally he loves it, but this time he didn't want to go......

 After we said 'bye' to Sammy, Arianna and I went back to town and got some more gelato!

 We walked around town....stopped at the pet store to look at the animals!
 Went to a hofje where Arianna could pet the kitties...
 Then we went home to relax for a bit.
 That afternoon, when Andrew was done working, we all went over to the Parck restaurant and had something to drink and some bitterballen:

 and then headed home for a bit to get ready for the next day...

 Later that evening, we went to Napoli restaurant for dinner:

pasta parmesiana! Yum!

 after dinner....what else?!?!? Garrone's for gelato!!!