Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring in Pleasanton and packing it up!

Looks like we've sold the house!!!  We got an offer, we countered and they accepted our counter offer!  Tomorrow they will be coming to the house to take measurements. I'm glad we'll be here so we can show them some things we feel they should know about the house. They want to have inspections done, which is'll be at their expense....

Yesterday after work I went to see my good friend Maria. She and I have known each other since our kids were little. Her son Andrew is the same age as Christopher and her son Robert is the same age as Kevin. Her ex-husband and I taught Sunday school together many years ago-that was how we met!  It was good to see her......It's getting more and more difficult to say my good-byes the closer I get to retirement knowing I'll be leaving the country.

After I left Maria I went to "The Brit" in downtown San Jose for retirement party for Ellen. She was so surprised--it was very cute seeing her walk in!  Sue and Jim were there, as well as Ted/Stacy/Tracy D.  It was good to see Sue and Jim...I hadn't seen them in quite a while!

This morning I got up at 0500hrs. I had to color my hair-yiiiiikes!  Too much gray showing...can't have that!
At 0730 I put Socrates in his crate and put him on the front seat of the car.  Then I brought Sammy out to the car and tied him to the back seat. I had never transported both of them together before. It actually worked out pretty well!  The Vet, Dr. Demi Tanner, and I have known each other for years too!  We met when our sons (William and Kevin) played baseball together. I didn't know she was a vet until another friend of mine was talking about where she worked as a vet technician and mentioned Dr. Tanner's name!  Dr. Tanner did a quick physical on both Socrates and Sammy and finished filling out all of the paperwork for shipping them to the Netherlands.  It was very hard for me to say good-bye.....She has taken such good care of our pets over the years....

After I left the vet's office, I came home and did some packing. Around 1100hrs I left the house and picked up medication for Socrates to bring overseas (for his heart condition), went to the drycleaners, then headed for the airport to pick up Andrew!  His flight landed at 1220hrs, he got through customs around 1315.  It's sooooo nice to have him here!  We had a 1400hrs appointment with U.S.D.A. for the pets' paperwork in So. San Francisco, so we left the airport and drove right over there.  They were impressed at how well the vet had done preparing all the paperwork.  The woman who certified all the paperwork was a kick!  She was telling us about her ranch property in Wyoming!  After we left there, we had to go to Brisbane to drop off all the certified paperwork with the pet transportation company. Ahhhh, then we headed "home"!

I decided to take a few pictures of the yard....and some of the progress I"ve made packing!

Our sweet Sammy!!!

Packing it up:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Red Solo Cup....

So, why is it everyone knows what a "red Solo cup" looks like?!?!?  There's a new Country song (sung by Toby Keith) with the title!

The other day I got the oil changed in my car at:

While they were working on my car I walked over to the new grocery store in town. There are no checkers at the store, you scan your own groceries and bag them yourself:

I've got the kitchen all packed up. After the Open House Sunday I took all the pictures off the walls while talking with Mom and Dad on the phone. All the nail holes have been spackled and painted over.  Now I'm in the process of washing all the towels that I had hanging (for staging the house), comforters and blankets from the beds not being used and everything else I can find that will need to be packed. Want everything clean before packing it away!

I've been bringing things in to work almost daily to give to my coworkers.....paper products, cleansers, candles, spices, etc. I don't want to throw anything away, so trying to make sure the things I can't keep get a new home!

Last night Nan and Mike had me over for dinner and more IPAD lessons!  So sweet of them!  I have learned a lot about how to make the best use of the IPAD.  Nan had made a delicious meal of "Moroccan Lamb Tangine".....I will have to make it!
Today I will be stopping by Tullio's to make sure his billing gets transferred to him since I'm leaving the area.

So, my first day of work after my last vacation (Sunday, February 26th) I took a 9-1-1 call from a woman whose husband was unconcious/not breathing. I provided CPR instructions to her over the phone, the Fire Department got there and "shocked" the patient and he was transported to the hospital by paramedics. Later that day we found out from the paramedics that he was still alive. Several days later we got updated information that he walked out of the hospital with no deficits!  What a great feeling to have had a hand in saving a man's life........kind of mind boggling.......

Dinner: Chuck Norris roll!!!