Friday, May 11, 2012

It's been a roller coaster ride!

What a ride!

Almost every day for weeks now Ingrid (our Realtor) and I have been talking or emailing back and forth...she makes sure she keeps me posted about what is going on with the sale of the house. The couple that is buying the house are a really nice couple, but their Realtor is not very good about we haven't been kept appraised of where they are in the process of the escrow.  Today we found out they got verbal confirmation of loan approval, so it looks like the loan is going to go through and we will close next week!

Oh my, saying good-bye.....or shall I say "farewell, till we meet again" is really difficult. There are so many people to try to see before I go.........

Went to "Aqui's" in Willow Glen with some friends and coworkers.......Ahhhhhhh, the Sunrise! Yummmmm!


What a great sister you are Sunny!  XOXOXO

Tracy was nice enough to have me over for dinner......great times with good friends!!!  Now, I ask you, do youuuuuu see a screen there?!?!?!?  I almost walked right through Tracy's screen door...didn't even see it!!! Yiiiiikes!

Pretty and yummy cake made by our resident cook, Sally!

Went the house, made another trip to the storage locker to bring a few more things over and now I have the last of our belongings in the garage.....

Today was a busy day!  At around 0630 Dillon and I woke up (I'm sleeping on a cot in his room!). Allen took him with him to bring Jackie to work so I could take a shower. When he got back, Dillon and I headed out to San Ramon. We met Nan over at the Peet's Coffee Shop for tea...and afterwards we went over to Target where Nan bought him a couple little cars and I got him some sunscreen and a hat.

Afterwards we headed over to Eddie Pappa's where we met Kristen for lunch. Dillon wasn't doing very well sitting there (he was a bored 1 1/2 year old!), so I took him outside a couple of times and walked around......The food there was pretty good, and when you receive your check you get some cotton candy!!! How fun is thaaaat?!?!?!

After I left there I stopped by to see Ingrid where I signed a form for "failure to perform" for her to file next week if necessary (this was before we finalllllly heard from him that the loan was approved late this afternoon!).

When I left her office, Dillon and I headed to "The City". We met my friend Nina at her daughter's condo. We went to dinner at a nearby restaurant......All Seasons Chinese. The food was delicious!

On my way back to Jackie and Allen's I took's been so long since I've taken that's sooooo beautiful!

Tomorrow I plan on going back up to Pleasanton. On the way, I'm going to stop at Kaiser Fremont to see Tullio. He has been hospitalized for difficulty breathing. He can't even sit up without having trouble breathing.  His nurse called today and said they will probably transfer him, again, to a rehab center till his lung capacity improves. He may be sent home with oxygen.  He has been living with emphysema for years...caused by smoking. He quit many many years ago, but the damage was already done.......

While in  Pleasanton I'll go to the house to water the lawn and the plants at the house, repack my suitcases (one of them is 10lbs over the weight limit), make one last trip to the storage locker, then head back to Jackie and Allen's house...

I've found myself calling it "the house" lately........rather than "home"........It just doesn't feel like home anymore now that it's so empty everything echos.  When I was there earlier with Dillon we were going down the stairs and he was calling for the doggy...he must remember Sammy coming in and out of the sliding door!  Made me want to cry........

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tony Cat (T.C.) finds a new home!

Police dispatch received a call from a citizen of a kitten trapped in the wheel well of a vehicle.  One of the PD dispatchers contacted officers in the field asking if they would mind going over to take a look and this is what he found!!!

Here is the kitty's new owner!!!

T.C. got lots of attention from both Police and Fire dispatchers!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Up before the birds!

For the past few nights I was petsitting in Danville. In order to get to work on time, I had to get up at 0300hrs. Normally I'm up at 0330hrs-which is still before the birds are up!

Yesterday after work I went to the house to meet the PGE technician. He met me there at 1530hrs to turn the gas back on to the house.  His nightshift cohort also came by before he was even scheduled to be on duty.  They cleaned up my furnace, lit the water heater pilot light and made sure everything was on, running and safe.  What nice guys!

Right after work today I went over the Valley Medical Center to visit Tullio. Jackie had called me last night and said he was taken to the hospital again with difficulty breathing.  They have been doing a lot of construction around VMC, so I had trouble at first figuring out where to park, till I saw that the new parking garage was open!  I parked the car and started walking into the main hospital...when who do I see coming down the hall?!?!? Tullio, on a gurney, being transported by Rural Metro over the Kaiser Fremont. They were transferring him.....again.......He is stable, but tired and having trouble breathing when he walks. They believe he has pneumonia again.

Tonight I will be spent the night at the house doing laundry and packing it up. The sale is supposed to close on the 15th, but we are still waiting for word on their loan. If it doesn't go through, I will have to replace carpets, do some painting and put lawn sprinklers in before I can leave the country. I need to remember to say my prayers!

As I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed the light on the alarm panel blinking.  So I checked around and found a wire broken on one of the I have to call the alarm company tomorrow and have them come out and fix that.

It's a very surreal feeling knowing that some of the people I've been seeing lately I may never see again......depending on what we do when we come back to the States.......It's starting to make me very sad......

It's 2200hrs now....I was asleep for about 30mins., woke up and now I can't sleep again. There is so much noise in my much to think about!

Kevin is coming home sooooooooon....can't wait!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Moon!

I wasn't able to get a good photo of the Super Moon with my camera so I "googled" it!


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
supermoon, is the coincidence of a full moon (or a new moon) with the closest approach the Moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit, or perigee, leading to the technical name for a supermoon of the perigee-syzygy of the Earth-Moon-Sun system. The association of the Moon with both oceanic and crustal tides has led to claims that the supermoon phenomenon may be associated with increased risk of events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. However, the evidence of such a link is widely held to be unconvincing.[1] The most recent supermoon occurred on 5 May 2012.

Yesterday after work I went to Mike and Nan's to take care of their doggies, Maya and Willow.I took this picture this morning before I left for work...they gobble up every bite!

After they ate, I drove down to Pleasanton and met Jackie and Dillon for dinner at "Oasis"!!!

Guess what I had for dinner?!?!??! Aushak!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!

Dillon has quite the personality!!!  He makes me laugh!!!

After dinner we walked down to Yogofina for dessert:

What a wonderful, relaxing evening!

When we parted, I stopped by the house to pick up the mail, which I brought to work today to go through......then headed back to Mike and Nan's to spend the night with the doggies!