Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Preparing emotionally for the move!

I am reading this book:

The author has some very enlightening thoughts, which as we are going through this I'm finding to be so true.....

"Before a woman can even accept a relocation as the accompanying spouse, she needs to do some anticipatory grieving. She must acknowledge she will be giving up a part of herself which she has created as part of her self-image."

"A mobile woman is so used to braving unknown situations that fear has become second nature. For her, the challenge is to figure out what will make her happy, indeed, to know her "self.""

This kind of sums it up:

"Like any new home, a moveable marriage may require a few renovations to make it comfortable to live in. A marriage isn't like water. It doesn't pour neatly into whatever vessel is set out to contain it. A few metaphorical walls may need to be knocked down and put up again, in a different place. The contractors for the job are you and your husband."

Because I am still working at the job I've had for over 33 years, and will be till May, I have some time to "find my way" to the next chapter in my life.  I am very grateful for that!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Celebrated Christmas for the last time in this house.....For special occasions we like to set the table with pretty linens and Andrew's Mom's china!   We spent the day with family and we were able to talk on the phone with our son, who is in Afghanistan; our other son and his wife who are in Georgia and other family and friends today. Thank the Lord we and all our children and grandchildren are safe and healthy. It was a joyous day to be sure! 

Our tree!!!  Since we weren't here for most of the month, this was the best we could do!!!