Friday, May 18, 2012

Life in the fast lane......

Oh myyyyyy...people drive craaaaazy in Southern California!!!  When I reserved my car through I asked for an economy car (the least expensive one they had)......Here is what I got:

Thank goodness.....down here you need the power to keep from getting run over!

One word description of Kevin's new car...."rocket"!

Spent the day at the beach while Kevin and his friends ran errands and set up his room in the apartment.......Drove South on "the 5" and stopped in Oceanside for some hints on scenic places to go!

Had breakfast here-highly recommend it!

Stopped in Torrey Pines:

Then decided to go on to La's so beautiful there!

The west coast suuuure is beautiful!

Yesterday I went over to Dana the Harbor!

Had dinner last night with Kev and Paul at Hannah's Restaurant:

and tonight I had dinner with Kev and his roommates at the Claim Jumper Restaurant!

Well, this is good-bye to my son for a while...again.......Saying good-bye is soooo hard!

Thursday, May 17, 2012