Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Life goes on.......

...a life where information had to be absorbed like shrapnel...

That used to be my life. I think back and wonder how I made it through those crazy busy days!

Today, in my 'golden years' of retirement sometimes I miss being busy and having more of a sense of purpose. I feel as if my life is on hold as we go through our days in The Netherlands. My plan was to do a lot of volunteer work in my retirement-that will have to wait till we return to the States. I also want to raise bees on our property. In the meantime, while in The Netherlands, I am working on my family tree and learning to enbrace the quiet. We are also trying to do as much traveling as time and money will allow. So much to see and do!

There are so many unknowns about what our future holds. Andrew may continue working for his company when we return to the States next fall. If he does, it will be in North Carolina. If they don't have a job for him then he plans to quit and we will have to figure out where we want to live.

We have been discussing that quite a bit lately. Because of family health issues, we have come to the realization that we do not want to be far away from all of our children. We'd like to be able to spend time with our children and grandchildren and not have to drive or fly hours and hours. So, now we are again considering California, and have added Texas to one of our choices as I have two children there now.

My iMac laptop died a few days ago, so I have been using my iPad. Luckily about a year ago I had bought a wireless keyboard, which works great!  I just can't type very well on the iPad keyboard.
We are planning to go to England soon and I will look at getting a new laptop then. Because I had an iPhone here, and the guys in the store told me it was all switched over to English....and I still get a lot of things in Dutch, I do not want that to happen with a laptop that I plan to have for years.

I've been looking on line at what kinds of home we can afford in both areas. Of course, you don't get much in California for your money. But,we don't have to live in the Bay Area, which is nice. So, we can get more for our money in that respect.

Only God knows what our future holds.....