Monday, July 29, 2013

Cafe Americain, Amsterdam

This past weekend Andrew had to work on Saturday, so we hung around town running errands and just enjoying the day together.

Sunday we decided to go to Amsterdam. We were out of coffee pods for our Nespresso machine. The pods can be ordered on line, but it gives us an excuse to make the trip into Amsterdam.

Amsterdam was very busy and crowded with it being the weekend and all the tourists in town. We went over to the Bijenkorf store in Amsterdam for the Nespresso pods. They are having a huge sale there on summer clothes. Fall clothes are coming in already...yiiiiikes!

When we're in Amsterdam we usually eat lunch at Bijenkorf. We decided to head over to Hard Rock Cafe instead. As we were walking in that direction after getting off the Tram at Leidseplein, we saw Cafe Americain and decided to try it out for lunch!  We had been there for dinner once about 10 years ago and remembered it being quite nice. The day was perfect for sitting outside by the fountain. We enjoyed a nice glass of wine together. I had a wonderful nicoise salad and Andrew had a club sandwich.

What an enjoyable afternoon!!!

When we got home we decided to do a little yardwork. The bamboo is so invasive, we really have to stay on top of it...We find shoots coming up all over the yard so we are constantly trimming it back to keep it from taking over!  We've got some nice flowers and bushes growing in the garden now...both of us really enjoy working in the garden.

 The grape vine is flourishing this year!
 We have baby grapes!

Out neighbors' butterfly bush, which hangs over our fence: