Friday, January 27, 2012

House about ready to put on the market!

Today, being my day off work, I am at home while there are workers fixing all the things called on the termite report-mostly water damage problems outside and under one of the sliding glass doors.  Our realtor came over earlier with a woman to take pictures for the virtual tour.  I'm hoping the house shows well and will sell quickly, we just don't know what will happen in the market. I hope a nice family can buy the house so my neighbor's kids will have someone to play with!  It's getting more difficult the closer I get to putting it on the market to think about selling and not living here anymore. On the other hand, I'm ready to move on to the next chapter!

Last week my father-in-law was in the hospital for pneumonia. A few days ago his doctor called me and said they'd be releasing him Thursday, but that he would need help when he's sent home. They did not want him to be alone anymore. So, frantically, I called and emailed people that could help me find a new home for him where he could be comfortable and get the help he needs. I went and looked at a Board and Care home and an Assisted Living facility. I had to do all this and work full-time too. Yikes!  Both places are close to the hospital where he will have doctor appointments. The Board and Care home was nice, but I think he would be bored there. He would also have to share a bathroom with the other five residents. He is still "with it" mentally, and I think he may not do well there without things to do and more people to socialize with.

So, I chose to have him live in the Assisted Living place. They will have three meals a day for him (and the food looks good!), and he can get snacks anytime he'd like. They will figure out his medications, order them for him and dispense them to him when he needs them. Less for him to worry about. He has a nice sized room, like a studio apartment. He has his own bathroom and shower. They will transport him to doctor appointments when necessary. He also has a life alert buzzer to wear around his neck in case he needs help, someone is always there. They also have all kinds of activities for him to get involved in. I hope he likes it.

Now we have to move everything out of his apartment at the Senior Living place he was at before. We'll have to find someone to take his furniture or sell it somehow. Then, make sure we bring all his personal items over to his new place. We have to buy him a bed because the one he has at his other apartment is too big for his room.