Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hanging out in Haarlem!

This past weekend we stayed closed to home. I did some shopping in town on Saturday, which I love to do. It's all open air markets in the Grote Markt. There are flowers everywhere, and I brought some pretty tulips home...

Later that morning Andrew and I drove over to Intratuin in Cruquius, which is just a few miles away. There we bought dog food and a few plants. i just love the way they display things at that store! Everything is so colorful and there are flowers everywhere! I think the constant dreary weather brings makes people want to decorate with lots of color!

Saturday afternoon we went to our neighbor's for lunch at around 1400hrs. There were six of us...Hetty, Michiel, Bruce, Linda, Andrew and I. We had such a wonderful afternoon with our friends!

Bruce had brought some Violet Liqueur which we mixed with some champagne and prosecco...tastes just like Parma violet candies! Yum!

Sunday afternoon I took Sammy for a walk in the woods. Some of the flowers are starting to come up already! I took a few pictures in the woods...

That evening we had Gary and Louise over for dinner. Gary had brought us a bottle of wine from Israel when he traveled there a few months ago. We had put it aside so we could share it with them.....oh my, definitely worth the wait! Delicious!

Monday, 24 February, 2014

Andrew had an appointment at the Kennemer Gasthuis Zuid in Haarlem (south Haarlem Hospital) with a cardiologist. February 4th, he had been hospitalized overnight because they thought he may have had a blood clot in his lung. They wanted him to see a cardiologist to make sure everything was okay and possibly have a heart stress test.

 They ran an EEG...and everything looked good. The doctor said a stress test wasn't necessary...thankfully!

Checking out...paying for parking!

One of my favorite corners in Haarlem: