Friday, July 27, 2012

Meeting other Americans in the strangest places!

Today I went to the market(s)!  I have to go to three different shops to get all the things I need, and because I'm walking I have to make a couple of trips out. While I was in Mabrouk (one of my favorite places to shop) in the Bodemarkt I heard a woman asking for shallots (in what sounded like American English). She and I started talking. She told me she moved here over a year ago when she started her business here. She loves living here...but her husband is having trouble adjusting since he isn't able to work here (it's difficult to get a work permit). She belongs to a group called "My Haarlem" and suggested that Andrew and I join the group. She says a lot of people from all over the world who have relocated in Haarlem meet downtown and do things together.  Sooooo, I'm going to look into it!

A couple of days ago our neighbors gave me a book to read and then invited me out for a beer at a nearby restaurant. It was nice to sit outside in the sun and relax with nice people!

As I was walking through town I saw!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Apeldoorn and Parnassia!

Yesterday  we took a drive to the city of Apeldoorn, which is a little over an hour away. We were told about the Palace there that used to be used by the King and Queen for hunting.  It's quite beautiful!

After we left the Palace we went downtown Apeldoorn. Andrew found a cigar shop where they sell Dutch cigars!

On the way home there was a little break in the sky for the sun to come through!  Haven't seen the sunshine in soooo long! 


This morning we decided to take Sammy over to a nearby beach where he could run off leash!  It's called Parnassia.  Everyone was soooo friendly and Sammy had such a great time!  This will be a place we will definitely go back to! We walked along the beach and then had a nice relaxing lunch, sitting in the sun at a restaurant on the beach!

I tried to go across this little inlet with Sammy.....but Andrew had to come over and rescue me. I got so dizzy I almost fell a couple of times and I just couldn't get across on my own. The water was only a few inches deep and about 20 feet across....but the wind and the ripples on the water was making me so dizzy I couldn't walk.

A lot of people ride their bicycles to the beach:

There is a Stanford doctor that is working on what he calls "Vestibular System Trauma". When there is brain trauma, it causes all the symptoms I continue to have since my brain injury almost two years ago. Apparently it's more common than people realize. I'm hoping that he knows of a treatment for this so I can get some relief!