Monday, August 5, 2013

Haarlem Culinaire

Thursday evening Andrew was able to come home a little early from work......Thursday in Haarlem are 'late night' shopping nights-the stores are open till 2000hrs (8p.m.)! We walked down to the Grote Markt and discovered that Culinair was in progress. 

There was Noor:
 We went here for some Sushi at Sushi Time.....It was tasty, but a little pricey.
De Haven van Zandvoort:
Wijn and Ko:
Bodega de Karmeliet:
La Familia:
H.P. Horeca:
Imko's Seafood:

Duin-Kruidburg/Street Food and Fancy Wines:

 Havana House:

They had the new Jag on display!


Sunday morning at around 10:00 we had Michiel, Hetty, Bruce and Linda over for brunch! What a nice time we had sharing food, champagne and Cidre.