Thursday, October 25, 2012

Travel the World?!?!?

I saw this blog the other day on the Yahoo front page.....sooooo, I took a look-see.  This couple is moving from country to country every few months and renting furnished places to live in each place. They are bringing only a suitcase of belongings with them. When I read a few pages of the blog I thought, hmmmmm.....I wonnnnder......

So last night, while walking around town after getting our gelato, I brought it up with Andrew.  I think he thought I had lost my marbles!  All he could say was that what we're doing is adventure enough for him!  Ah well, it was worth a shot!

So, we have talked about it quite a bit. Our lease is up January 2014. This summer we plan to talk with our landlords about going month to month till October 2014 if possible. If they don't agree to that, then we will most likely move back to the States in January 2014.  We'll see what happens!

In the meantime, we are trying to enjoy every moment we have here.

Thank goodness for Skype sure helps alleviate some of the ache to see our children and grandchildren!  Sure do miss them.

Clunk...Clunk....Clunk....and Fall in the woods

All night....I was hearing a "clunking" sound coming from the boiler heating system in the house. At around 0200hrs I got up and googled it!  I entered "clunking sound coming from boiler heating system" and I got lots of hits! I guess "CLUNK" was a good way to describe the sound! From what I've read, the system most likely needs to be serviced. Many people said it could be mineral build up and the system may have to be drained, cleaned and refilled!

Our neighbor, Bruce, had told us the other day that they have a repairman coming out this week for their heater. So, at 0215hrs I e-mailed him asking him for the repairman's information. This morning I got a reply from Bruce saying that he is expected at their house today at 1630hrs, and if he has time, he will send him over afterwards to look at our heater!  I also e-mailed our landlady and told her what was going on.

The boiler system is so foreign to both Andrew and I. We don't really understand how it works. The system in this house doesn't fill automatically, you have to manually fill it with water twice a year. The last time it was done was around April, so it's probably due. Will the darn thing quite working in the middle of winter? Will it blow up on us?!?! Do they blow up?!? Aye!

The heater is in a closet, at the top of the stairs.

At 0230hrs. I grabbed my pillow and a couple of blankies and wrapped myself up on the couch and slept there so I wouldn't have to keep listening to the clunk! Andrew didn't stir at all!


Sammy and I have been going for at least one walk a day, sometimes two or three. Most of the Dutch walk their dogs a minimum of three times a day!

The woods close to our house are showing all the fall colors now. Leaves are falling while we're walking and the sound of the rustling in the trees is so peaceful.

Sammy was on the hunt for the perfect peeing tree!  Of course, he pees on as many as he can, but he must sniff, sniff, sniff till he finds the right ones!

*********** Update*************

The plumber the neighbor had hired came by when he was finished at their house. He took a look at the heater, filled it with water and found that the "balloon" is not functioning properly. So, it needs to be replaced. As luck would have it, I called the landlord, and he was able to speak with him and figure out what to do to get it fixed. He will return this weekend to fix it!

We have found the Dutch people to be very nice and accommodating. I've heard otherwise from some people, but our experience has been very positive. We always try to remember that we are "ambassadors" of America and try to be as nice and friendly as possible too.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The passing of a loved one...

On October 21st, I spoke with my daughter in California and she told me that my father-in-law, Tullio, (her grandfather) had passed away at 12:55p.m. He was in a Board and Care home in San Jose, CA because he needed 24 hour care, which none of us could provide. While I was in the States a few weeks ago, we paid him a visit. He was coherent, up and around, and seemed in good was good to see him. While I was there we moved his desk and computer out, since he no longer used them.

Shortly after I left California I went to Delaware to visit my son and his family. During that time, Tullio came down with pneumonia again. As I was leaving to go back to Europe (home), my son planned a trip to CA to see his grandfather. I drove my son to the airport...he headed west and I headed east. Tullio was released from the hospital a few days after being diagnosed with pneumonia...this time in hospice. Thankfully, my son was able to see his grandfather while he was lucid. He and his sister spent a few days with him while spending evenings in a nearby hotel.

My daughter took on a lot and cared for Tullio quite a bit in my absence. She has been a Godsend.....