Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/2 way point (this time.......)

So, Andrew and I are at the half way point till we are together again!

Andrew got the internet hooked up in the house yesterday so he was able to walk around the house with his laptop and show me the house while we were talking via Skype! It's starting to look like a home!  When I get there we'll go get a couple of rugs, a bed for the master bedroom and a few other little things and we'll be's a small house, so not much to buy...

I've been working on getting all the paperwork together to file for my retirement. There are two places I need to file and it has to be done simultaneously. After work today I stopped at Office Max and got a few folders to help organize all the paperwork. I'll have to bring some of the things to the Netherlands with me so I can go over the choices that have to be made with Andrew. All of the choices are irrevocable...soooo, we need to get it right!

Today I went to Cost Plus and stocked up on items to send to Kevin and another Marine over in Afghanistan. I will need to go shopping for a few more things to fill the boxes. It's fun gathering things together for them!

The other night a friend and her husband were kind enough to have me over for dinner and teach me how to use my IPAD!  I had no idea you could do so much on that thing!  Apparently there's still a lot more to learn too......

The realtor and woman who will help stage the house are coming over next week to put the finishing touches on the house!  After that they will film the house and yard for the virtual tour.