Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dinner with Carla and Theo

This past Sunday, after the visit from Sinterklaas, we went to Hoofdorp to have dinner with our friends Carla and Theo. They had invited a few other couple also as Carla made a traditional Portugese fish dish for us all to enjoy. She had been cooking since 0530 that morning!

 Theo opened a special bottle of wine which was made by a friend......it is made from rhubarb! It was delicious!

 Traditional Portugese wine was served....

Thanksgiving Netherlands Style!

This year, to celebrate Thanksgiving, we were able to spend the Saturday evening after Thanksgiving with our good friends, Bruce and Linda. We had decided to go out to eat at a restaurant rather than spend all that time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning for just four people.

Sooooo, Bruce made reservations at La Foule Restaurant in Haarlem. What a cute place, tucked away  on a little street in town.

We each started with a drink...Linda had a martini and Bruce, Andrew and I decided on a glass of sparkling wine which was very tasty!
For dinner we each had a starter...Linda and I both chose the salad with goat cheese, fresh crisp apples and beets, which was delicious!
For dinner, Linda and I both chose the Orange Duck. Oh myyyyy, it was delicious. Cooked to perfection and the sauce was perfect! It was served with a small portion of squash and some potato.
Bruce chose a nice red wine for all of us which went nicely with dinner.

While we were eating, we had live entertainment:

For dessert I had the creme brulee which was also delicious!  It was a perfect dinner with good friends!  We are very blessed!