Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12, Den Haag and "Dinner With Friends"

Today is the last time till the next century that the date 12-12-12 will come up!


Yesterday Linda, her sister Suzanne, and I went to Den Haag (The Hague in English)!  What a beautiful city. Linda and I took the bus to the Haarlem train station where we caught the train to Den Haag. We met Suzanne at the Starbucks in the Den Haag Station.

We walked quite a bit around town. Suzanne really knows her way around!

 A kind of duck that I've been told is indigenous to the Netherlands:

A sand sculpture....we were able to meet the artist!
 There are parrots all over...Linda and Suzanne pointed them out to me and taught me how to recognize their "song"!

 Hotel Des Indes:

The American Embassy building:
A cute tea shop called Betjeman and Barton Theekopers:

 A great tapas place:

 Thought Andrew and I could go back and take a look in this store!

We stopped for lunch at T Hof van Eten:

 Lamb with cheese sandwich
 with hot fresh mint tea

 An award winning French restaurant I may have to try next time I go to Den Haag!

Some cute and beautiful buildings:

 The Passage:

 Old and New Architecture:

Linda and I got back to Haarlem at around 16.30. The bus (#3) dropped us off in the Houtplein-very convenient!

At 1930 Andrew drove me to Heemstede for the AWCA Book Club. We took turns reading parts from the play "Dinner With Friends". It was a lot of fun and we had a nice discussion afterwards. I left at around 2300. Andrew walked down most of the way and picked me up so I wouldn't have to walk home alone.


Earlier today I was walking through the Grote Markt and saw the Christmas's sooo beautiful!