Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It feels right!

We were able to meet the new owners of our house a couple of days ago...That was very special! They seem like a very nice couple and they love the house, the yard and the neighborhood. We told all the "special" things about the house....and all the indiosycracies!

Sunday, Jackie and Allen came over and picked up the couches and patio set from the back yard. Sunday night we went out for dinner with Pastor Dave and his wife Sue. What a wonderful, relaxing dinner we shared together! We met our realtor, Ingrid, at the title company yesterday to sign papers on the house.....wanted to get it done while Andrew is here. I was able to open an account at the financial facility we had discussed....five minutes before they closed! I shut off the landline at the house earier in the day......was on hold with AT&T for almost an hour....one less thing to do later. Tomorrow the movers come to take everything to the storage locker(s)! We had to get a second locker.....too much "stuff"! There seems to have been soooo many times in the past couple of months where things didn't seem like they were going to work out....and they have......so many what people would call coincidences. Feels like the hand of God has been with us the entire road. My faith grow stronger and I believe this is the path the Lord wants me to take. It feels "right".

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