Thursday, September 18, 2014

Piesport, Germany (also Neumagen-Dhron, Cochem and Bernkastel, Germany)

September 12-15th we drove down to Piesport, Germany with our friends Bruce and Linda. What a beautiful area!  There are vineyards as far as the eye can see. We stopped at a restaurant called Moselpanarama (for a glass of wine, of course!) before going down the hill into town and this is the view we had from the patio!

 Andrew and I stayed at the Piesporter Goldtropfchen Weinhaus Hotel. Bruce and Linda stayed in another hotel on the other side of the bridge.

 After we checked in and got settled, we walked to a bike shop and rented bicycles for the weekend. Then we went for a ride through the vineyards! Everywhere we turned there were more beautiful vines to see along the Mosel River!

 We stopped by Restaurant Lekker to make reservations for Sunday evening.

 We rode our bicycles to Neumagen-Dhron. For me, it was like being in a was all so beautiful and peaceful!

We stopped later for a bite to eat and a glass of wine!

The following morning we headed for Cochem in the car (about an hour drive along the Mosel River). It is such a beautiful drive!  We had headed that way thinking we were going to take a boat ride up (or down!) the river. When we arrived, though, we changed our minds and decided to stay in the town and go exploring! The Reischburg Castle is there and we took a tour through the castle.

Then we stopped for lunch...this was our view!
After a yummy lunch of Schnitzel, we walked around town a bit:

We also took a ride up the ski lift to the top of a mountain and had a cup of coffee after walking around a bit. I was terrrrrrrified the entire way up and down, but I did it!  Andrew was very sweet and didn't move a muscle during the entire ride!

 When we got back to the Piesport area we went to our respective hotels, freshened up and then met for dinner.

 at Vinothek:
 We had a glass of wine on the patio with this beautiful view before heading in to dinner:

 The food was absolutely delicious!  We each had the grilled makes my mouth water just thinking about how good it was!

The following day we went to Bernkastel, Germany. What a delightful town!  Andrew and I drove and Bruce and Linda met us later-they rode their bicycles to town. Andrew and I haven't been very good about riding very often, so we weren't in any kind of shape to ride that far.

Before leaving for Bernkastel though, Andrew and I walked around the area across from our hotel in Piesport.

 then went to a little antique faire that was taking place in a building in town:

 Got in the car and headed to Bernkastel:
 What a fairytale place!

When we got back from Bernkastel we had to return the bicycles. So we rode them up and then walked back to the hotel. On the way there and back we saw so many beautiful sites!

Early that evening we headed back to Piesport and met Bruce and Linda for dinner at Lekker:

 and Linda treated us to a delicious bottle of sparkling Reisling:

Dinner was 'interesting'. We had all chosen the surprise menu and asked for no fish (except tuna was okay). So, we got tuna...which I liked, but no one else seemed impressed. Then we got some kind of chicken and a pretty dessert. It was good, but it was almost like they were trying too hard to make it pretty....and the flavors were just 'okay'. We both much preferred the dinner we had the previous evening. That was a WOW meal!

 As we were walking back to our hotels we saw a sign on the wall of a building that showed how high the river water has risen in the past:
Throughout the weekend we enjoyed some delicious wines! What a relaxing wonderful last trip for us (while living in The Netherlands anyway!). We had a wonderful time with Bruce and Linda. What wonderful friends!

Monday morning we had a nice breakfast:

then headed back to Haarlem. Andrew had to be back to do a conference we left early, around 0830hrs.

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